Much has been made of the impact of cloud applications on the accountancy market, and the challenge is moving to a new phase.

Principle Point believes that cloud provides significant advantages for both firm and client, however the strategy for deployment and impact on the business as a whole needs to be considered carefully.

We work with firms in a variety of ways to help them realise the benefit of cloud technology by focussing on client benefit and the integration within services.

The approach is scalable and practical, with the focus always on what can be delivered as much as possible within existing resource and structure.

Projects include:

  • Re-evaluation and practical planning of an enhanced bookkeeping service
  • Developing a ‘new brand’ alongside an existing accountancy firm
  • Assessment of compliance services and how cloud could transform client relationship
  • Assistance in shortlisting suppliers

Principle Point is vendor neutral, and neither seeks nor takes commissions from suppliers.

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