Metrics, referrals and client stories – Client Experience and the impact of professional service marketers

Part one of this blog series we explored some of the straight forward ways that the insight gained from customer experience could be used by marketers in professional service firms to re-energise and amplify the impact that they have across the firm.

Continuing with this theme we’re going to look at 3 other areas, where this insight can be utilised to great effect.


Always a tricky one within professional service marketing. There seems to be little overall consensus about the best types of metrics to be used, and given the context of often working in very data and detail orientated environments – this can widen the gulf of understanding between firm leadership and marketing teams.

Other common issues are that standard ROI metrics can often be inadequate because accurate data isn’t gathered through the business, also benchmarks are not sufficiently in place to know whether or not results are comparable to firms of similar size.

Customer experience data however can be overlaid to form a real understanding on what is going on at any point across the business (or come to that marketing campaign). By focusing and committing to no more than 3 key client experience measures (mapped against company agreed objectives) you can sustainably evaluate the impact that every department, service and initiative has.

We’ll explore how we might create this sustainable feedback culture in the next post.

ROI data can be supplemented with key client metrics to bridge gaps between marketing and firm leadership


Fostering referrals from clients and introducers is something that individually partners and directors often see as something that naturally fits them, but is still something that firms can struggle to do in a proactive and concerted way.

Equipping fee earners with key client insights to take out with them can be an interesting way of helping to focus on exactly how the firm is enabling success.

One of the best example I’ve seen of this is from a Marketing Director who updated the partners monthly of 2 key client successes and 2 clear market insights from the month before. Providing fresh, evidence based, timely indicators that could be easily remembered and powerfully communicated.

Client experience insight can be a powerful tool to empower fee earners and gain more referrals

 Client stories impact everyone in the firm

We all understand that it’s not all good news all the time. Learning from where things have gone wrong is an important part of how our businesses grow to meet the shifting needs of our clients over time.

In an environment where business owners have a low tolerance of mistakes, and perhaps zero loyalty, making sure we are on top of quality is critical, and ensuring that everyone in the firm is aware of the impact that they have is similarly important. (Good interview about some of these issues here Flexibility is Crucial )

Organising regular and open opportunities for staff to share both positive and negative stories, sounds terrifying and risky, but creates deep buy in for change, and pride in outcomes.

Client experiences turned into stories are powerfully communicated and become part of the fabric of the firm.

Marketers are important stakeholders in the creation of client narratives, and helping to shape experiences.

Whether you are a qualified senior marketer, or the partner who was given the marketing remit because you weren’t in the meeting that month, the power to utilise client experience can be transformative to the influence you have, the impact to the brand power of the firm, and the difference you can make to core growth and profitability.

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